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Inspection - Testing - Remediation - Clearance
What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus. This fungus produces spores which are like seeds. When the seeds (spores) have moisture (humidity over 60%) they germinate to active mold. If they have a food source (organic material like wood) they reproduce into colonies producing more spores. Think of Mold as a Plant with a seed. Just like a live plant. The mold spore and plant needs food and water to flourish and when they do it reproduces at an rapid rate. There are 4 stages of Mold starting with stage 1 (Surface Contact Mold). If Stage 1 mold has sufficient food and water it will colonize into Stage 2 (Small Organized Circles) which consist of more spores. As it advances to Stage 3 the Spores in the air will cause a toxic environment. We can test the Air to get a Spore content but even low amounts of air ingested spores can cause health issues. Lets 1st Identify/Inspect to see if we have Mold. (2nd) If we suspect Mold lets Test and Measure the Mold. (3rd) If we test for Mold then we can formulate a plan and Remove the Mold. (4th) Lets test and insure the Mold has been removed while certifiing the Results.

What is Mold?
1) Identify/Inspect
Could I Have Mold?

The Good News is that if you have Mold there are ways to inspect and test to assure that you are living in an Environment that is safe and Free of Harmful Mold or High levels of Mold Spores. Christian Inc, of Loganville Ga. can easily inspect and test to see if you have mold. We also perform these inspections free of charge. If you do have Mold we can give you a Free Estimate and Game Plan to Remove Mold Safely and Effectively to insure your family or work place meets EPA guidelines for a Healthy Environment.

Could I Have Mold?
Order a Free Inspection
Order An Inspection (Free)

To Order a Free Mold Inspection Simply Call or Text Us at 770-787-9999 or Click on Book It to Schedule and Appointment . Mold Inspections are Free and Non-Invasive. We use Meters that read through walls and if we find any evidence of Mold we have Chemicals that can test and confirm if you have Mold during our Inspection. If we do find Mold we can give you a Free Estimate and Game Plan to Remediate Your Mold.

Let us preform a Free Mold Inspection to see if you have any evidence of Microbial Growth in Your Home of Office. We can quickly Identify if you have Active Mold Growth u...
Mold Inspection (Free)
1 hr
2) Test/Measure Mold
I Have Mold...What Next?

If you have mold you need a Game Plan to Remove or what we call Re-mediate the Mold. To get an accurate and effective Game Plan you need to Measure and Identify the Specific type of Mold. This will be the information needed to determine the steps of Remediation. We Measure and Identify Mold through a Process called Mold Testing. We will take samples of the Air to a Certified Independent Lab who will analyse the Air Tests, Swabs, and Slides. Once we have the Data we can make you an effective Game Plan. This information is vital if you are having any Health Related Issues as a Result of the Mold as you can share this information with you Physician. Mold Testing does have a cost as there are lab fees involved for each sample. Our Cost is only $70 per sample and the lowest I have found in the industry. We do not charge fees to analyse the Results and give you the information but rather use this information to make you a Game Plan and Free Estimate.

I Have Mold...What Next?
Order a Mold Testing
Order a Mold Testing

To Order a Mold Testing Simply Call or Text Christian, Inc at 770-787-9999 or Click On Book It below to Schedule and Appointment. Mold Testing is a Quick and Easy Process. One of our Certified Technicians will visit you at your Home of Office and Identify your Concerns. Perform a free Inspection and Suggest which samples need to be taken and the Cost associated with each sample before we proceed. Samples will then be taken to an Independent Certified Lab where a Microbiologist will analyse and give us the results of the Types of Mold and the Spore Counts. Samples only Cost $90 Each to Collect, Anaylize, and Attain Results. Our Technician will then both share the results with you and interpret the results to give you a Game Plan & Free Estimate if Remediation is Needed. This information is vital to Measure and Address any Mold Issues you may have. 

If you have a confirmed positive Mold Identified you can have the Mold or Fungus Tested, Measured, and Typed. We can perform Air Testing and Surface testing for only $90 ...
Mold Lab Testing
30 min
$70 per Sample
3)Remove the Mold
How Do You Remove Mold?

To Remove or Remediate the Mold you have to Kill the Active Mold and Remove the Spore while taking away the food and water source for the Mold. This process needs to be completed in a contained, negative air environment using proper OSHA protective safety equipment. We use Special Mold Remediation Equipment including Air Scrubbers, ULV foggers, Desiccant Dehumidification, and HEPA Air Vacuum Trucks to remove the Mold and Spore from the Surface and Air. Improper Mold Removal will spread the spores and multiply the issue instead of remediating the Mold. Improper Mold Removal could have Health implications as disturbing the Mold will make the spores airborne which can be ingested. Let Christian Inc. give you a Free Game Plan & Estimate to remove you mold at the lowest cost in the safest process available.

How Do You Remove Mold?
Mold Removal...What Does it Cost?

To Order a Free Estimate and Game Plan Simply Call or Text Us at 770-787-9999 or Click on Book It below to Schedule an Appointment. The Good News is that a majority of our customers pay little or nothing for their Mold Remediation as it is covered by most insurance plans. If you contact us we can give you a guesstimate but Getting a price on Mold Remediation has several factors from Stages to Types. The first step is to get a positive identification on your Mold. We provide a free inspection and if you have Mold we can contact the insurance company on your behalf to Have costs of Testing and Remediation handled in an insurance claim. Contact us and we can give you a guesstimate or estimate if you will be paying by cash and we offer financing plans if you have a large problem that is beyond your budget. The bottom line is we are here to help you with your problem. Our goal is to not make a sale but rather use our skill and expertise to help you with Mold Remediation need

Mold Removal...What Does it Cost?
Mold Remediation Estimate (Free)
1 hr

How Can I Be Sure?

You can Be Sure that Your Mold has properly been removed through a Mold Certification Letter. Once Mold has been Removed and Tested, a Certification Letter can be issued based on the Microbiologist's Signature from an Independent Lab on the Official Mold Test. Christian Inc. can provide that document as part of any Mold Removal or Mold Testing for a small filing fee. This will give you the peace of mind that mold is free from your Environment. Call Christian Inc. at 770-787-9999 to discuss Clearance on Our Work or Any of Our Competitors.

Mold Clearence

Order a Clearance Letter

Christian Inc. offers Mold Clearance Letters are available for Closing Attorneys or Re-occupancy of Public Buildings. To Purchase a Letter you will need a Certified Mold ...
Mold Clearance Letter
1 hr

Can Mold Affect My Health?


Yes, Please contact your Physician if you feel ill effects from exposure to Mold. Ill Effects of Mold can present themselves as Sneezing, Runny Nose, Coughing, Wheezing, Itchy Eyes, Water Eyes, Redness of Eyes, Skin Irritation, Skin Rash, and more serious reactions of Neurological Symptoms as well as Complication of Pre-Existing Conditions.  Since the Mold is a living fungus it can cause a fungal infection on the skin (ie: Athletes Foot) If absorbed in the Eye or Mucus Membrane the fungus can cause a fungal infection in the Eye (ie: Pink Eye) or the Sinus Cavity (ie: Sinus Infection). If the Fungus Is absorbed in the Lungs it can cause a Lung Infection (ie: Bronchitis or Fungal Pneumonia) When the Fungus is Presented inside the Body your Immune System will Fight off the fungus but if You suffer from a compromised Immune system the fungus can enter your Spinal Fluid, Brain Tissue, etc. Mold Spores ingested can produce VOC’s that can trigger Neurological Episodes for those who suffer from Lupus, Crohn’s, Epilepsy, etc.  While many strands of Molds are harmless to humans we should treat all mold as a health hazard until properly identified. The bottom line is to take precautions to exposure. Long term exposure to Specific Mold Strands can have a “penicillin effect” where your bodies specific immunity can be compromised with continued exposure over a long period of time. Dont Delay...Call US Today

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