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I A Q - Air Quality

Inspection - Testing - Remediation - Clearance

What is IAQ?


IAQ or Indoor Air Quality is a tremendous health issue today. According to the EPA an estimate 30% of homes Indoor Air would be classified and Unhealthy for individuals with normal Immune Systems. An more than 50% of homes and businesses would be classified as Unhealthy to individuals with Compromised Immune Systems including Asthma, Allergies, and Respiratory Issues.


We now spend 90% of our time indoors so Indoor Air Quality is now a Priority in our lives as we are constantly being exposed to contaminates that affect our lives.

What is in the Air We Breath?


As we know O2 or Oxygen is in the air we Breath but today many contaminates are now found Including:

PM - Particulate Matter - a range of particles of dust, dirt, and liquids that become suspended in the air. Some of these are large enough to see, like smoke, smog, or soot, but the most harmful are smaller, invisible particles1. These can get into your lungs and even your bloodstream. The healthier the air, the fewer PMs.

RN - Radon Gasan invisible gas formed in the Earth’s crust. It surrounds every one of us as part of the air we breathe.

RH - Humidity - a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air. Relative humidity measures the amount of water in the air in relation to the maximum amount of water vapor (moisture).

CO2 - Carbon Dioxide - a greenhouse gas that is natural and harmless in small quantities, but as levels rise it can affect productivity and sleep. Most commonly produced indoors by the air we exhale, CO2 levels concentrate indoors with less ventilation.

VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds - a combination of gases and odors emitted from many different toxins and chemicals found in everyday products.

Mold - Mold Spores - a microscopic fungus that helps nature decompose dead organic material. Both mold and mildew are different types of fungus, but mold is usually shades of black, blue, red, and green, whereas mildew is white.

Viruses - a microscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism.

Bacteria - a microscopic single-celled organisms that thrive in diverse environments.

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Order A Free IAQ Inspection


To Order a Free Indoor Air Quality Inspection Simply Call or Text Us at 770-787-9999 or Click on - Book Now - Below to Schedule and Appointment. Indoor Air Quality Inspections are Free and Non-Invasive. We use Meters that read Particulate Matter, Temperature, Humidity, and Air Pressure along with inspecting for Radon Gas and Mold Growth.  If we Find you have Poor Indoor Air Quality we can give you a Free Estimate and Game Plan to Improve Your Air Quality to Hospital Grade Air.

IAQ Inspection

If I Have Poor IAQ...What Next?


Every Home should have their Air Tested every 2 years to insure your family is breathing Healthy Air. If you have Poor IAQ it is important to Identify and Measure the Contaminates in the Air over a period of time to as they relate to your environment. 


Christian Inc. has the Industry Leading Air Measurement Equipment. We service several businesses and homes evaluating the Air we Breath. From our 1 Week Air Test to our Continual Air Monitoring Service to our Self Service Christian Air Things Monitors  we can meet your needs in assuring your Home or Business has Hospital Quality Air.


Schedule a Air Test Today to Find Out if what we are breathing is Safe, Clean, and Healthy.


What Are You Breathing?

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Is Your Air Making You Sick? -> Order the EPA Air Test By Phone: Call (770-787-9999) OR Click Here Online

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Order an EPA Indoor Air Quality Test


To Order a EPA Indoor Air Test Simply Call or Text Us at 770-787-9999 or Click on - Book Now - Below to Schedule and Appointment. Our EPA Air Test Includes a Sample of a Cubic Meter of Air that will be analyzed by our ACGIH Certified Lab. We also will take a sample of the gases in your Air including Radon and Volatile Organic Compounds.  With Your Air Quality Report, we will give you an EPA Report Card on you current air quality and we can Design Air Quality Controls to Produce Hospital Grade Air in Your Home or Office. Call Today to Schedule you EPA AIQ Air Test. 


IAQ Test
How Do You Improve Your IAQ?


To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality your Goal is to Remove the Impurities From the Air while Eliminating their Source.


All Impurities are made up of Particles or Particulates and Each Particulate has a Size that we Measure in Microns.


Every Impurity will have an Electrical Charge also with a Weight and Shape that will react to Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, and Air Flow. 

So to Improve Your IAQ We Engineer Controls to Capture and Remove the Impurities while allowing Clean Purified Air to Flow and Circulate. 

IAQ Estimate
Indoor Air Quality...What Does it Cost?


To Order a Free Estimate and Game Plan Simply Call or Text Us at 770-787-9999 or Click on - Book Now - below to Schedule an Appointment. The Good News is that Hospital Quality Air is Achievable and Affordable. Christian Inc. IAQ Engineered Control Systems Start at $999 with several options for different situations and circumstances. Christian Inc. we can design a Purification for your specific need. Schedule your free estimate today.

Can Poor Air Affect My Health?


Yes, Please contact your Physician if you have any ill effects from Poor Air Quality. Allergies, Autoimmune Disorders, and Compromised Immune Systems are critical for Healthy Indoor Air Quality. Christian Inc can design a System of Air Quality for Your Needs. We work with Emory, Children's Health Care, Atlanta Allergy Clinic, Piedmont and Many other Health Providers to design the latest in Air Quality. From Clean Rooms to Hospitals to Your Home or Office, Christian Inc. has the experience to meet your needs. Call us for a Free Consultation at 770-787-9999

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