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David Burnette

Director, CEO

Christian Inc. Franchise/Location Costs & Fees

Cleaning - Restoration - Environmental Services

Headquarters: Loganville, Ga.

Estimated Number of Units: 3,142

Franchise Location Description: The franchisor/Location is a Christian, Inc. Limited Partnership. 

  1. Disaster Restoration Services: provides disaster restorative services direct to customers and through insurance adjusters to customers following a fire, flood, or storm.

  2. Cleaning Services: provides carpet and furniture cleaning contracted janitorial services as well as disaster restoration services to residential and commercial customers.

  3. Environmental  Services: provides mold, asbestous, and bio-hazard services directly to customers who have the capacity to provide restoration opportunities.

Training Overview: Location Owner or their manager must complete and attend the applicable training and complete all required Initial Training to the owner of Christian Inc. satisfaction. The Initial Training is a school of intensified training and is one to six weeks long depending on the type of location(s) purchased. The Initial Training is held in Loganville, Georgia, or any other site designated by the franchisor from time to time. According to the Location Agreement, the Initial Training provides one to six weeks (which may not be consecutive and may include evenings and weekends) of classroom management and on-the-job training to assist them with the creation of administrative, accounting, hiring, pricing, inventory control procedures, and troubleshooting ideas to address operating problems and technical training. Franchisees are required, at their expense, to attend at least three seminars, Workshops, Convention, Online Conference, or Regional meetings or other equivalent meetings designated by the franchisor and offered by it during each year. The Owner provides regional workshops, several training sessions, and breakouts at its annual convention; the franchisor has webinars on various topics throughout the year for franchise owners, and it offers other training courses available online through Christian University with no applicable fee.


Territory Granted: Christian Inc. will designate a territory consisting of a specific County in which the Location Owner will perform services. 

Obligations and Restrictions: Christian Inc. does not require that the Location Owner personally supervise the franchised business. If the Location Owner does not personally supervise the business, or if they are a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company, they must employ a manager who will be responsible for direct, on-premises supervision of the business. The manager must have successfully completed the Initial Training program, but need not have an ownership interest if the franchisee is a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company. The location Owner must offer and provide the services the franchisor requires. The Location Owner must not actively solicit sales from customers outside of the defined territory (unless they are a Recovery Management Services Management franchise and market consistent with the marketing standards in the Operations Manual). Christian Location Owners must comply with Christian Terms of Service of Customer Relations to insure Quality of Brand.

Financial Assistance: Christian Inc. does offer direct financing. Its affiliate, Or, franchisees may choose another lender or finance company.

NOTE: Sample estimated initial investment table and other fees chart for Disaster Restoration Services only are below. Initial investment estimate tables and other fees charts for Janitorial Services, Small Market Services and Recovery Management Services are available in FDD.


Investment Tables:

Estimated Initial Investment for Franchise/Location

Initial Franchise Fee $50,000

Opening Package $75,000 - $125,000

Vehicle - Purchase or Lease $3,000 - $4,000

Vehicle Graphics $975 - $1,500


Required Insurance:

Commercial General Liability, Fidelity Bond, Employment Practices Liability Insurance, Umbrella Business Auto

Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Disease Insurance

Construction Services General Liability Insurance

Insurance for QRV Participating Franchisees:- Pollution Liability


Annual premium estimates: $3,400 - $9,400


From $2,250 and up, depending on revenue


Travel and Other Expenses for Training $600 - $1,500


The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification in WRT, ASD, FSRT, or OCT$260 for all four certifications ($65 per test per individual, or as established by the IICRC)

The United States Institute of Mold - Mold 101 $395

Computer Hardware and Software Initial Set-up Fees Included in Initial Location Fee; $400 per month (primary location); $50 per month (additional locations)


Estimating and Pricing Software; $85 per month per seat


Business Class High Speed Internet Connection;  $300 -  $1,000

Advertising – first 3 months $500 or 4% of monthly gross service sales

Miscellaneous Opening Costs $1,000 - $7,200

Working Capital Required $85,000 - $75,500

Real Estate and ImprovementsVaries Regional Sales Program QRV Fee $85 per month per XactNet address 

ESTIMATED TOTAL*$235 - ,295 - $300


*The estimated initial investment range does not include potential real estate costs. It also does not include costs for advertising, as these are based on gross service sales.


Other Fees for Disaster Restoration Services

Type of Fee Amount:

Royalty; 10% of gross monthly sales.

Initial Training for Additional Persons and TransfereesAdditional persons and transferees: $6,310 per person for a 3-week Initial Training (includes tuition and some meals).

On-Going Training (per person) Spring and Fall Regional Meetings: registration fee from $50 to $200. 

Convention Attendance Fee $400 to $500 per franchise per year. 

Renewal Fee The current Renewal Fee is $2,000 per agreement. If more than one franchise agreement is renewed at the same time, the renewal fee for each additional location agreement is $1,500. 

Add/Delete/ Change Fee$200 per franchise agreement if adding, deleting, or changing the owner’s name; changing business entity name; change DBA name, or changing business structure, adding or removing an owner. If any changes listed above are made at the renewal of the franchise agreement, the Change Fee is applicable. However, if the owner(s) being removed or added has 50% or more ownership of the franchised business, it is a transfer, and the transfer fee is applicable.

Non-approved Product or Equipment EvaluationTesting and evaluation fees:
Cleaning Products: $50/gallon
Ozone: $500/unit
Dehumidifier: $1,000/unit
Air Mover: $250/unit
Air Scrubber: $750/unit
Backpack Vacuum: $400/unit
Approval through specifications review: $150 minimum charge

Regional Sales Program QRV Fee$85 per month per XactNet address.

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