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Christian Inc. is pleased to service Lawrenceville , Georgia for Mold Removal Services. Christian Inc. is the preferred Mold Removal Contractor of the United States Institute of Mold. Implementing EPA and the IICRC guidelines we are the leader in Mold Remediation in the State of Georgia. Call Christian, Inc. today for a Free Inspection at (770) 787-9999

Mold Removal in Lawrenceville, Georgia, 30046, 770-787-9999

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Could my home have Mold?
How can I know?
What should I Do?

Just Follow these Simple Steps


#1) Call, Text, or Order a Free Inspection

If You Suspect Mold from either a Musty Smell, Visual Mold Growth, Water Damage, or Health Related Issues We Suggest You Order a Free Mold Inspection. In our Free Mold Inspection we will check 5 Indicators of Microscopic Mold Growth. If we find an Indication of Mold we can give you the cost of a Certified Mold Air Test to Measure and Type the Microbial Growth in Your Environment. To Order a Free Mold Inspection Simply Call or Text Us at 770-787-9999 or Click on "Book It" (Below) to Schedule an Appointment . Mold Inspections are Free and Non-Invasive. We use Meters that read through walls and if we find any evidence of Mold we have Chemicals that can test and confirm if you have Mold during our Inspection. 

#2) If You Have Mold...A Mold Air Test is Suggested

If You Have Mold...We can Perform a Mold Air Test from an Independent Lab. Simply Call or Text Us at 770-787-9999 or Click on Book Now. This test will tell if your Mold Spore Levels are above EPA guidelines, if you need a Remediation, and what Type of Mold You Have. Mold Testing is a Quick and Easy Process. One of our Certified Technicians will visit you at your Home of Office, Identify your Concerns, and then take Samples. Your Samples will be taken to an Independent Certified Lab where a Microbiologist will analyze and give us the results of the Types of Mold and the Spore Counts. Samples only Cost $85 Each to Collect, Analyze, and Attain Results. Our Technician will then share the results with you and interpret the results to give you a Game Plan & Free Estimate if Remediation is Needed. This information is vital to Measure and Address any Mold Issues you may have.

#3) If You Have Mold...We Provide Free Estimates 

To Order a Free Estimate on Mold Removal and a Mold Game Plan Simply Call or Text Us at 770-787-9999 or Click on Book It below to Schedule an Appointment. The Good News is that a majority of our customers pay little or nothing for their Mold Remediation as it is covered by most insurance plans. We will be glad to give you a Free Estimate that is based several factors from Stages of Mold Growth and Types of Mold. Contact us and we can meet with you and discuss all the Terms and Conditions for Service. We offer financing plans if you have a large problem that is beyond your budget. The bottom line is we are here to help you with your problem. Our goal is to not make a sale but rather use our skill and expertise to help you with Mold Remediation need. Let Christian Inc. give you a Free Game Plan & Estimate to remove you mold at the lowest cost in the safest process available.

#4) Have the Mold Removed - Tested - and Certified 

To Remove or Remediate the Mold you have to Kill the Active Mold and Remove the Spore while taking away the food and water source for the Mold. This process needs to be completed in a contained, negative air environment using proper OSHA protective safety equipment. We use Special Mold Remediation Equipment including Air Scrubbers, ULV foggers, Desiccant Dehumidification, and HEPA Air Vacuums to remove the Mold and Spore from the Surface and Air. Improper Mold Removal will spread the spores and multiply the issue instead of remediating the Mold. Improper Mold Removal could have Health implications as disturbing the Mold will make the spores airborne which can be ingested. Let Christian Inc. give you a Free Game Plan & Estimate by calling/texting 770-787-9999 or Click "Book Now" above to schedule a Free Estimate to remove you mold at the lowest cost in the safest process available.

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